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Photo by Ted Pfaltz www.maxxis7.com/       

Kay Pfaltz, founder of Beyond Ordinary Travel, has been interested in foreign travel and adventure from her earliest days. At age eighteen she studied in Paris at the Sorbonne, while also completing Steven Spurrier’s L’Académie du Vin, and at age twenty-four she moved to Paris where she would live for the next ten years.

At ages 25 and 26 she took time off from work and traveled around the world solo. Her love of food took her to the back streets of Hong Kong and Taiwan sampling street food, to the souks of Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh, and the food courts of Singapore, Thailand, Malasia, China, Japan and beyond, searching to understand different cultures through their cuisine. Or simply “eating her way around the world” as she says, laughing. “I’m the only one who gains 15 pounds in developing countries.” Her desire to experience life led her to explore Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. 

But the physical exploration was not as essential as the interior exploration. Her love of different cultures, peoples and food has brought her a greater love and respect for all life and all beliefs. Developing Beyond Ordinary Travel is her attempt to share with others the unique and special places around the world she holds close to her heart. 

Kay's in depth knowledge of Paris and France allows her to take visitors to hidden corners and best kept secrets, off the beaten tourist trail.  Kay is also a writer and bestselling author of Lauren's Story: An American Dog in ParisFlash's SongA Walk Through Paris, and The Beagle, a TFH Publication, and most recently The Things We Do, a fast-paced murder mystery that addresses animal testing, among other issues.  Kay has been published in English, German and French, including work in :

The Missing Peace: The Hidden Power of Our Kinship with Animals. Etudes britannique contemporariesBark Magazine, and Bernie Siegel's A Book of Miracles and Love, Animals, and Miracles.  She is contributing editor for La Joie and writes a monthly wine column for Blue Ridge Life.  Kay cares deeply for the planet and its animals.  She donates a percentage of all profits from books to animal welfare organizations. 

Kay holds a B.A. from the University of Virginia, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in English literature from Kings College, University of London, and has taught for Mary Baldwin College, James Madison and Southern Methodist Universities.

She divides her time between France and Virginia, where she lives with Sasha, Olive, Isabelle and Sparkle, four rescued hounds from the local shelters. For more information, see www.KayPfaltz.com

Robert Magnusson is a Swedish national with
American and Swedish citizenship. He has
traveled the world extensively and is fluent in
English, German, Swedish, Finnish and Dutch.
Heidi Reed has worked in the travel industry for more than six years.
She has lived in China, India and Costa Rica and now makes her home
with her family in Virginia. Heidi is passionate about working with
developing countries to raise standards of living.