What our clients say/cancellation policy

Travel with Kay Pfaltz and you'll come home with more than snapshots of buildings and landscapes. Your experiences will build longlasting memories of the local people and their culture. Kay's warmth is contagious and what may have started started as a tour of a winery may end up feeling more like a visit with the friends that she has introduced you to. You'll come home with a  desire to return to capture that joyful feeling again.   --Janette, Appomattox, VA

Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime! The trip was truly a great one...I can't think of any other trip I have taken that can top it! Please let me know of any future trips you plan. When you decide on some dates for a reunion, let us know and we will be there.Thank you a thousand times for such a wonderful experience! It was great to meet you and such a nice group of people.   --Patty, Raleigh, N.C.
We can never adequately thank you for this trip. It was the trip of a lifetime for us. It was absolutely perfect, even the weather! We have many fond memories to cherish, most especially our time with Ann and Frederic, and the Matisse chapel. The rest was like a dream, with the best food, wines, scenery and aura. Even the accordion in the market to be the sound track! You made it seem so easy but I know it was a lot of work for you and we appreciate it greatly. I can't think of anyone else who could have shown us such a wonderful time in Provence and Nice. It was so fun being with you. Merci, merci, merci. Beaucoup!!                      --Linda, Nellysford, VA

Traveling with Kay allows me to see a different perspective than a typical group tour provides.  Her passion and knowledge of the land allows us to experience the food and wine in a different away, allowing for deeper connection.   I loved how we were able to spend time with the vineyard and farm owners on our Italy tour.   Normal tours don’t allow these behind the scenes glimpses into countryside life, and I really enjoy how Kay heightens my appreciation for the simple things in life…food and wine.    --Lauren, Geneva, Switzerland

Kay creates moments and connections … reconnecting us with our senses.  Places have a special meaning for her.  In Italy, we covered a lot of ground.  What doesn’t get lost in all the velocity of travel, is the quintessential reason for being there … meeting other people and experiencing the moment.  --Jennifer, Amherst, VA

Accompanying Kay to Paris and Italy meant not having to worry about any of the details.  Her planning & expertise allows all of the group to experience the most beautiful sights and to savor the delights of new wines and foods.  Hopefully she’ll continue to share her  love of Europe with less experienced travelers like myself. --Annette, Wilmington, DE

Kay exceeded my expectations on my travels to France & Italy.  Looking forward to another trip. 
 --Rosie, Wintergreen, VA

•Traveling with Kay is a wonderful experience and one that definitely bears repeating. Her warmth and kindness, her delightful intelligence, her superb knowledge of wine and food, and her serene approach to the logistics of a trip are an unbeatable combination. During our recent trip to Italy, the entire group was in an ongoing mood of happy discovery as we explored beautiful wine and food and saw breathtaking and memorable scenery. We stretched the boundaries of our imagination to include the cultivation of Italian grapes, the daily life of a familywinery, the art and history of Florence, the beauty of Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, and the mystical past and present day magic of the Isle of Capri. I wouldn’t have missed this trip for the world!   --Kathy, Lynchburg, VA

Traveling with Kay is a positive, fun and memorable experience.  -Jane, Smith Mountain Lake, VA

The trip to Italy was very well organized.  No worries for the travelers!  The wineries were awesome. Everyone greeted us with hospitality beyond any expectation that I had.  We were treated to wine tasting that included a wide variety of wines.  It is very easy to fall in love with the people we met at each winery.  Thank you Kay for making this trip possible and for the opportunity to explore a vast array of new experiences in beautiful Italy.  I hope to go on another European trip soon.
--Elaine, Lynchburg, VA

Cancellation policy

Airfare: Group airfare based on a minimum of ten passengers. Cancellations after ticketing are non-refundable.

Land portion: 60 - 31 days prior to departure, $250 minimum per person penalty, plus any non-refundable payments made to vendors on passenger's behalf.

Additional costs to be advised as they are received from our vendors.

30 - 07 days prior to departure: 85% non-refundable.

Less than 7 days prior to departure: non-refundable.

If an individual in the group cancels & causes a roommate to be accommodated in a room for sole occupancy then no refund is given or single supplement may be charged.

Deposits are nonrefundable.

We strongly advise all clients to take out trip insurance.